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Name:PSL Palace
Posting Access:All Members

Welcome to the "PSL Palace". People can play their private story lines here or find other RPers to start new ones. Hopefully by congregating everything in one place more people will be able to enjoy the PSLs they want.

1. Treat other players with respect.

2. Tag your posts.
All posts should include the following tags:

   ● canon: [insert canon] - Please input which canon it's based on, or put "AU".

   ● SFW or NSFW - If a post starts 'safe for work' but you don't mind if it becomes nsfw, then put both tags.

   ● psl: [name] - This is how the individual PSL's will be sorted. If you want to continue a lengthy PSL, make up a name for it an you can make new posts for it under that tag. If it's going to be a one-off PSL, you can put [one-off].


3. All settings are allowed.

4. Each post should include the following information:

5. No kink shaming.

Want to play?

Join the community and start posting.

To search for multiple tags at once:
   ●,TAG2 - This will search for everything that has TAG1 or TAG2 in it. Just separate with a comma.
   ●,TAG2?mode=all - This will search for everything with TAG1 and TAG2.
   ●,TAG2,TAG3?mode=all - This will search for anything that has all three tags in it.

Want to find someone to play with?

Go to [community profile] psl_palace_ooc.

Everyone is welcome. People will only be banned for harassing others or behaving inappropriately OOCly. Whether someone is IC or not is not enforced in people's PSLs.

[community profile] psl_palace[community profile] psl_palace_ooc
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